RMEL Conference 2018: Four Great Reasons to Attend

Time is of The Essence

The RMEL Conference 2018 comes at a time when communities around the globe face increasing risks, shocks and stresses, threatening lives and undermining pathways to prosperity and well-being. The conference will take stock of what we know about how to measure, evaluate, and learn from diverse efforts to strengthen resilience in the face of these challenges. It will bring forward evidence of what works for enhancing resilience of people and systems in different contexts.

Make Important Connections

The conference provides a valuable opportunity to network and to forge new collaborations. Key speakers and influential experts will share their knowledge and experience of developing applied resilience measurement, evaluation and learning methods, during a two-day program of plenary sessions, panels and papers.

Build Your Skills, Knowledge and Understanding of the Evidence

During the conference, and as part of a third day of convening and skills-building sessions, there will be opportunities to engage with leading RMEL experts through an offering of mentoring clinics and RMEL workshops. Delegates will be able to collaborate in agenda-setting sessions, to develop outputs and recommendations which can guide the resilience field. These sessions will map existing evidence and identify knowledge gaps, and explore the ways in which advances in RMEL can better inform resilience practice.

Be Part of the Future

The third day of convening and skills-building sessions will ask questions on how we can communicate our amassed knowledge and further develop the essential tools, RMEL methods, and approaches we still need. The event will set a forward-looking agenda for the field of RMEL and issue a rallying call to key influencers, decision-makers, and policy leaders, who shape investments in resilience.

Be part of this future and Measure up to the Resilience Challenge!

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