Convening and Skills-Building Day

The RMEL CoP convening and skills-building day (November 15) was open to all conference delegates. RMEL CoP members were strongly encouraged to participate.

The day provided a variety of opportunities to work with other colleagues and develop knowledge products, shape new collaborations, as well as inform agendas for the evolving RMEL field.

There were opportunities to:

  • Develop an interactive map of existing resilience evidence and knowledge—and identify critical gaps for further research and evaluation.

  • Develop an overview of how the knowledge-base generated through RMEL is being translated into resilience practice and identify opportunities to strengthen the links between research, evaluation, and practice.

  • Explore the application of RMEL approaches, analysis, and evidence to help shape resilience investment and policy agendas.

  • Join one or more RMEL skills-building opportunities, provided by RMEL CoP members.

The RMEL CoP is happy to announce that a team from Resilience Shift also hosted a parallel workshop, bringing together developers and potential users of resilience tools for the planning, financing, and implementation of critical infrastructure projects. The workshop was by invitation only. If you are active in the field of resilience and critical infrastructure and would like more information, please email: