Measuring Up to the Resilience Challenge

Over 200 resilience measurement, evaluation and learning specialists participated in the RMEL Conference 2018.

Hosted by the Resilience Measurement, Evidence and Learning Community of Practice, in conjunction with members and partners, the conference demonstrated that investments in resilience are resulting in better outcomes in people’s lives.

“There is a there there. Resilience has flipped the discussion from one about vulnerability - people’s deficits- to one about people’s capacities, their assets…..We have been able to change the way that we think, and resilience measurement has been key to that.”

Greg Collins, USAID

Conference proceedings

Read the proceedings of the RMEL Conference 2018 here.

convening proceedings

Read the proceedings of the RMEL Convening 2018 here.

director’s blog

What can we take away from this inaugural event? RMEL CoP Director, Dorcas Robinson’s, reflects on the headlines.


Global leaders, specialists, and practitioners in applied resilience measurement, evaluation, and learning (RMEL) met in New Orleans to hold their first-ever conference from November 12-15. These RMEL innovators and experts were drawn from diverse disciplines, sectors, and geographies; their common passion is generating robust knowledge which enables society to better invest in paths to a resilient future for all.

The concept of resilience is evolving, from compelling theoretical concept to practical action, driven by the investments of governments, communities, and companies around the world. The RMEL Conference 2018 sets out to address two questions about what works for strengthening resilience: What does the evidence tell us? What do we still need to learn? As such, the conference seeked to:

·       accelerate resilience-building progress through improved measurement, analytical strategies, and learning; and

·       bring forward evidence about what works for enhancing the resilience of people and systems in differing contexts.

Through a rich two-day program of plenary sessions, panels, and papers, the conference shared innovations, showcased established resilience measurement and learning methods, and demonstrated how these approaches are generating practical insights and knowledge that informs action. The conference was followed by a convening and skills-building day, during which delegates collaborated in agenda-setting sessions to develop resilience measurement, evidence and learning outputs and recommendations which can guide the global resilience field.

The RMEL Conference 2018 was hosted by the Resilience Measurement, Evidence and Learning Community of Practice (RMEL CoP), in conjunction with members and partners, with a shared commitment to strengthening the evidence base for resilience investments.

The RMEL CoP is a growing network of over 250 resilience measurement, evaluation and learning specialists, including academics, researchers, development specialists, and practitioners from around the world. The RMEL CoP has been made possible with support from The Rockefeller Foundation.

Photographs by Andrew Goss